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funny kitchen towels or hand towels

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“Luxurious Coral Fleece towels with strong water absorption. Soft, smooth, and vibrant colors. Perfect for everyday use.”

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funny kitchen towels

Product information:

Material: Coral Fleece

Main component: polyester fiber (polyester)

Specification (length * width cm): 63*19CM

Production process: embroidery

Double layer colors: pink, purple, beige, yellow, blue

Ordinary color: pink, yellow, beige, purple, blue



Strong water absorption

Soft and smooth, bright color


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11e73dd4 9c38 4c3f b756 9cf81951294b
19cf1706 5f57 4c01 b656 995847ff460c
498b9cd7 5686 45f8 b104 36b713316029
470fb049 e5f5 43e6 b8fd a7975f13433a
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58339ebe c1e6 472e ba96 875618f32402
7135b44a 8553 4854 9eee 7dec56e366af

Additional information

Weight0.05 g
Dimensions160 × 160 × 50 cm

Blue, Pink, Purple, White, Yellow


Double layer, Ordinary


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