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Why are my towels turning orange? Reasons and solutions.

Why are my towels turning orange


Have you ever noticed rusty orange stains mysteriously creeping onto your towels, no matter how new or fancy they are? It’s the story of everyone! On social media, countless threads explode with frustration about this towel discoloration, But don’t fear!

After extensive research, my Towelhealth team has cracked the cause and prevention – the culprit is a surprising household ingredient: benzoyl peroxide!

In this article,

  • You’ll finally get answers. Why are my towels turning orange?
  • Learn to identify the early signs, and most importantly, unlock the secret to preventing them forever.

Say goodbye to stained towels and hello to pristine confidence!

Identifying towel staining causes

Why are my towels turning orange reason

Hard water:

So the number one reason is hard water, which contains many minerals like iron or manganese, which is good in nature but not for towel fabrics. They left unusual dots marked in the form of brown or yellow stains, gradually covering the entire towel, especially noticeable on light-colored fabrics.


When ladies are applying makeup or dying hair, during they use towels or other fabric to prevent stains on their dresses. Sometimes, towels get cosmetic stains from the environment. Like, from other clothes or your face. That makes sometimes yellow or white and mostly appears as orange dots.


When you hang your towels on an iron-made holder, they get rushed from it, or as I discussed upper water also contains iron. Or anything that rusts and your towel comes in contact with it gets rushed which makes orange dots.

Washing Machine

 According to our most followers, after washing they get dots on towels, the reason is a mashing machine. in which your towels get stains for other fabrics or get rusted by any ion make things.


Sometimes too much use of bleach also causes this to happen. Another reason may be your bleach is too hard.

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How to get orange stains out of towels

Regular Ablutions:

Yes, regular washing of your towel has many benefits not only maintain good hygiene, but also it prevents forms orange dots, which are made up of either cosmetics material or due to rust. Most researchers recommend 2 to 3 days of use in one wash. After that, you need to sanitize your towel again.

Label Literacy:

Read the label, it helps you to prevent form discolouring some towel is made up of fibers, bamboo, and cotton-like material. So the company writes care labels for that. Treat them according to the label.

Solar Sanitization;

If possible, use solar sanitization, the natural cleansing power of the sun. Air-drying your towels not only promotes environmental consciousness but also keeps them vibrant and bright.

Softener Scrutiny

Towel discolouring is solved! Yes, first, the fabric softener – it can clog towels, making them less absorbent and even contributing to stains. Use vinegar! A vinegar rinse softens naturally and even helps fight stains. ‍

Before washing, treat stains with makeup remover – it weakens the oily bits before they set in.

Lastly, unleash the power of the sun! Hang towels outside after washing – the sunshine acts like a stain-bleaching superhero.

With these simple steps, you can use your towel and also other clothes for these dirty face orange dots.

Additional Considerations:

  1. Use oxygen bleach or enzyme cleaners
  2. Don’t crowd the washing machine! Give your towels a separate wash.


The article Why are my towels turning orange unravels the mystery and unlocks the secret to prevention. Learn to spot the early signs of orange invasion and discover simple steps to keep your towels pristine forever. No more stained nightmares, just blissful confidence!

Hard water, cosmetics, rusty fixtures, even overzealous bleach – many foes threaten your towel’s vibrancy. But prevention is your weapon! Regular washings keep stains low. while following care labels ensures you’re treating your towels right. Embrace the sun’s stain-busting power by air-drying, and ditch chemical softeners for vinegar’s natural magic. Pre-treating stains and giving towels space in the machine are your cleaning allies.

Remember, oxygen bleach and enzyme cleaners can be your stain-crushing heroes, and labels hold the key to their care. With these simple tricks, you’ll conquer the orange menace and revel in the confidence of fresh, fluffy towels.

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Q: Why are my towels turning orange?

A: Towels can turn orange due to various reasons like exposure to hard water containing minerals like iron, cosmetic stains from makeup or hair dyes, contact with rusty fixtures, washing machine issues, or excessive use of harsh bleach.

Q: How can I identify the causes of orange stains on my towels?

A: Look for signs like brown or yellow stains, especially on light-colored fabrics. Stains from hard water often appear as unusual dots, while cosmetic stains may manifest as yellow or white spots, sometimes resembling orange dots.

Q: How can I get rid of orange stains on my towels?

A: Regular washing helps prevent orange stains. Check care labels for washing instructions. Try solar sanitization by air-drying towels in the sun. Avoid fabric softeners; use vinegar instead. Treat stains before washing—makeup remover can help with oily stains. Additionally, oxygen bleach or enzyme cleaners can be effective.

Q: Can hard water cause towel discoloration?

A: Yes, hard water containing minerals like iron or manganese can leave brown or yellow stains on towels, gradually covering the fabric.

Q: Can using a washing machine contribute to towel discoloration?

A: Yes, towels might get stained in a washing machine, especially if they come into contact with other fabrics or if the machine has rust or issues.

Q: How often should I wash my towels to prevent orange stains?

A: It’s recommended to wash towels every 2 to 3 days to maintain hygiene and prevent the formation of cosmetic or rust-related stains.

Q: What are some additional tips to prevent towel discoloration?

A: Avoid overcrowding the washing machine when washing towels. Use oxygen bleach or enzyme cleaners, and be mindful of the type of bleach you use. Following care labels and using natural remedies like solar sanitization or vinegar can also help prevent stains.

Q: Will vinegar really help prevent towel discoloration?

A: Yes, vinegar can act as a natural fabric softener and help fight stains. Using vinegar instead of chemical softeners can maintain the towels’ vibrancy.

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