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How to get white towels white again (5 Reasons and Solutions)

How to get white towels white again


Are you worried about your white towels? Most people use color towels, but  I personally love to use white towels but facing problems like, they look dirty after one or two uses, it’s very disgusting for me, so I ask my team to find the solution. After trying a lot of products, I found the real low-cost solution to this problem, which is baking soda and vinegar.

This guide helps you to find White towel cleaning

  • 5 Reasons why white towels change color
  • And 10 Solutions to restore the white towel color.

So, for reasons to the solution, let’s start.

Reasons for Color Change in White Towels:

Reason for color change in white towel

Dye Transfer:

Most of the time, white towels get color from other fabrics when they are wet or when we are washing them in along with other color fabrics. This is one of the primary reasons for white changing to discoloring.

2. Stains and Residues:

Common things we use for skin glow, like makeup and serum, cause the discoloring of our towels. This may change your white towel’s color to grey or orange dotted.

3. Chemical Reactions:

Using chlorine bleach can weaken towel fibers and cause yellowing over time. Similarly, hard water contains a lot of minerals which is not good for towels,  this causes discoloring.

4. Frequent Use and Washing:

Although, it is recommended by experts to clean and sanitize towels after 2,3 days maximum use. But it also weakens your towel fabric and sometimes can cause discoloring. But I personally recommend you sun sanitation and keep clean using original detergents.

Solution or Restore white towels

Solution or Restore white towels

Separate Laundry:

 Always wash white towels separately to avoid dye transfer from colored fabrics. This is also for your white clothes.

Stain removal for towels

Use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water or a laundry stain remover to pre-treat stains before washing.

Warm Water Wash:

 Wash white towels in warm water (104°F to 105°F) to remove dirt and stains effectively.

Baking soda and vinegar for towels

Add one cup of baking soda and one cup of white vinegar to the washing machine and then dry as you normally do. Baking soda naturally whitens and deodorizes, while vinegar removes buildup and restores pH balance.

Avoid Fabric Softeners:

Skip fabric softeners to prevent waxy buildup. Use white vinegar in the rinse cycle as a softening agent.

Sun-drying towels

 Dry and sanitize towels in the sun light when possible for a natural bleaching effect and fresh. If using a dryer, avoid over-drying.

Use Oxygen Bleach:

 For extra brightening, if vinegar and backing soda did not work. Add oxygen bleach to the wash cycle. It’s safe for cotton and more effective than chlorine bleach.

Regular Maintenance:

 Wash towels regularly, like 2 to 3-day gap, and avoid leaving them damp to prevent mildew and yellowing. Periodically add white vinegar to the rinse cycle to maintain freshness.

Invest in Best quality towels

Always buy the best quality products, which are less prone to yellowing and easier to clean than synthetic blends. Also, their use can’t harm your skin.

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Maintaining the brightness of white towels involves a combination of proper washing techniques and the use of natural cleaning agents. This helpful guide which is based on personal experience, tells you causes and restore tips.

By understanding the causes of discoloration and implementing these solutions, you can effectively restore and preserve the fresh, clean look of your white towels. Regular care, along with choosing quality materials, ensures your towels remain a crisp and inviting feature in your home.

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